What to expect when dating a nigerian man

You must be able to praise him without making his head too big, cut him to size without hurting his ego and more so schooled in the art of manipulating his intentions without rubbing it in his face.Patience is the key word here, you might not always have your say but more often than not you will have your way.The saying that “the way to the heart of a man is his stomach” is very true.At this juncture I must say that if you do not know how to cook and you don’t want to learn, you might as well forget hooking up and keeping a Nigerian man.I will leave it at that, before some people start to accuse me of debauchery and obsessive derision.So in short, in the absence of these crucial information amongst many, it will be idiotic for you to do what they say or even adopt some of their warped thought.This is contrary to the “have your say, won’t have your way” philosophy of your feminist irrendist– which will you rather have? Family, family, family; at the risk of incurring the wrath of the witches, may I say that when you finally get to marry your Nigerian man you have effectively not only married into his family but have married his family.Moreover, your actions while his family is present should not necessary correlate with what you will normally do or say in their absence.

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As weve talked hes sent me tons of pictures of him daily.pictures where he lives in the family house in teshie, in Accra city. That he prefer for me to use travel check for my expenses.It will take going back in time; contrary to what the corruptive view of the plethora of feminist writers will want you to believe, to search for the ingredients your great grand mother up until your mother used to capture these aparo (a specialist bird) of a Nigerian men are made of.The first rule is pretty simple: do not believe the hype.From Nigeria to America and even Europe the women are crying out loud: “there are no Nigerian men that want to marry!” It is so bad that some even go the extent of importing men- that one na anoda tory for anoda day my sisters.

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