Teen dating early

This can cause serious physical, emotional, and mental damage to a developing teen.As adults, these teens are more likely to be withdrawn and depressed.While you may want to give a lecture on the rules; their date is not the one you should be talking to.It is your teen’s responsibility to know your rules and follow them.Teens who are involved in abusive relationships are more likely to be involved in abusive relationships as adults.Early intervention is the best way to prevent this vicious cycle from happening.It is the big sign that they’re growing up and are entering adulthood.

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They opine parents should handle teens and their relationships with much care, understanding and openness We’ve all experienced love during our teenage years. This love adds richness and happiness to our lives. It provides us with a chance to discover our own-selves as we share it with someone new.

Make sure you talk to your kids about teen dating violence. If they are the abuser, make sure they understand the serious criminal consequences that can occur as a result.

Most parents have some fears of the day their child will start dating.

Also, while you may not like the person your child is dating, be supportive.

If you have taught them about a proper relationship, then you should trust them to make their own decisions.

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