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In addition, the conflicting or second copy of the email message is always going to be the one from the cache on the computer.If the modification was made to Microsoft Outlook and synchronized to the mailbox before the Black Berry Enterprise Server updated the email message, there would not be a conflict as the Black Berry Enterprise Server would simply add its update to the mailbox copy of the email message. NOTE: The above recommendation of setting Process Mail Delay to a value of 45 is exclusively for testing purposes.

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The respondents will be able to update their data in your address book by filling in this form.

Actual Contacts for Outlook also supports validation of the recipient list in Mail Merge Mode in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word (a mail merge function is prerequisite for version 2002 or later ones).

In order to check an address, add-in for Outlook imitates sending a message to this address.

The longer the refresh rate, the less up-to-date your calendar will be.

Actual Contacts for Outlook is an add-in for updating your address book and monitoring validity of e-mail addresses in contacts.

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