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Williams says in her more than 30 years in this business she's noticed some scary trends.

"We are finding lead is really showing up a lot in the makeup, lipsticks and once the lipstick is on your teeth, now you've ingested the lead." The Food and Drug Administration passed the last cosmetics legislation 80 years ago.

The beauty business from cosmetic to personal care products rakes in a lot of money each year.

They were all marketed through the years to enhance the way people look."As soon as it's on your skin, then it's absorbed," said Charlotte Williams, Education Director at the Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas.

Several of the new hero skins draw inspiration from other Blizzard games (such as the Torbjorn skin inspired by World of Warcraft's Magni Bronzebeard), following the theme of the Blizzard World map that also arrived with the patch, but others are inspired by game lore, while more still simply look cool.

So what should you be looking out for if you drop some cash on a bundle of loot boxes?

LAS VEGAS - Are the products you're putting on your face safe?

Previously, content has usually come as part of an in-game event, and as such only been available for a limited time.

Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian traveled to Capitol Hill, Tuesday to lobby for reforms to the outdated cosmetics laws in the United States.

Some of the laws monitoring safety practices in beauty were written 80-years ago.

We truly believe that what we do makes a difference, and we shows in every facet of our culture of service, from creating custom media to adhering to the highest cleanroom standards.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the care we provide our customers.

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