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The brief sketch of these years, however, fails to address the famine of 1769, "whose ravages two generations failed to repair" (18).The famine wreaked havoc on the land, and according to a letter written by Warren Hastings in 1789, Bengal suffered "the loss of at least one-third of the Inhabitants of the Province, and the consequent decrease of the Cultivation" (381).The emphasis on the Muslims was crucial because, as Guha points out, Bankim failed to engage directly with the British colonial force.His recovery of a glorious Hindu past consolidated as an exercise of bahubol against Muslim shows of strength imparted a "purely Hindu identity" to the Indian national character.In Anandamath, he collapses the years between the famine that ravaged Western India and the ascendancy of Hastings to governor-general.

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Kaviraj asserts that "every colonial intellectual understands the ironical, dual gifts history offers him. meant two entirely different things: it meant the course of happenings in time, the seamless web of experiences of a people; but its great promise lay in its second meaning, the stories in which what had happened are recovered and explained....

This duality of meaning, without any mystification, is constantly exploited by Bengali middle-class intellectuals in various innovative ways." In 1882, Bankim outlined in detail in Bangadarshan his agenda for an Indian historiography.

Rana jit Guha has argued that Bankim refused to grant all previous historicizations of the Bengali past the status of history, because they were representations authored by foreigners— Muslims and the British.

In addition, she reveals how the figure of the upper-class Hindu woman created divisions with the nationalist movement itself by underscoring caste, communal, and religious differences within the newly emerging state. The first demonstrates the intellectual defeat of the ascetic leader of the rebel group "Children of the Gods" (Santans) at the hands of the heroine Shanti; the second epigraph functions as the epilogue to the novel Devi Chaudhurani, in which Prafulla, its main protagonist, is heralded by the omniscient narrator as the incarnation of an eternal force that returns every time India (read "Bengal") faces regression and ruin.

As such, Ray’s study has important implications for discussions about nationalism, particularly those that address the concepts of identity and nationalism. In what follows I provide a close analysis of two novels—Anandamath (1882) and Devi Chaudhurani (1884; henceforth referred to in references as DC), that suggests how "the feminine," embodied in a certain variant of the upper-class, Hindu Bengali woman, manifests itself within the representational framework of a historical romance.

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