Freaky chat

Le portefeuilles s'ouvre avec une fermeture à glissière en métal, décorée d'une tête de mort.

I thought that was out of character for him, as he usually put his family before anything, and I grew curious at what he wanted to show me so badly.

Wanted to share as it is freaking me out a little lol. My baby's first scan looks like he has a massive willy and balls and that was supposedly before he was formed down there- I'm not so sure!

He will be a boy though, the next scan definitely proved that!

The father drew a deep breath, and bravely strung together a sentence that I’ll never forget. I ended the call in shock, as it became apparent why he had asked if I would be home alone, when suddenly I heard the back door creak open.

Instinctively, I did the first thing I could think of and quickly crawled under my bed to hide.

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