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Usually Ukrainian women are brought up in warm and loving families – that’s the explanation, why they feel stable and happy.

From the earliest age they have been learned to help a family and to stand strongly on their feet - it also does them social and strong women.

They consider learning as honor and want to expand their knowledge, because they want to develop themselves as the personality.

It is comfortable to the Ukrainian women with a female role, and it well fits in their culture.

Besides, they know how to be strong, because life in Ukraine is more difficult in the economic and political relations.

In Ukraine, it is much more difficult to earn a living, and social services aren't so good.

But they do it in a very thin manner and only after a man had taken the first steps.

Women of Ukraine are brought up traditionally: they aren't emancipated and don't pursue this aim.

It’s both their appearance and internal characteristics. But, of course, it is best of all to go to Ukraine yourself - there you can meet the Ukrainian ladies in real life.

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The strong property of the Ukrainian women is also their character: they’re kind, unpretentious, natural and sincere.

They have positive thinking and aren't so cynical - on the contrary: they’re open and polite.

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