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It was still standing in the 1950’s, was 2-1/2 stories high, had 18th-century paneling in the downstairs room, which also contained a wide cooking fireplace with iron crane intact.

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A large fireplace downstairs indicates the original kitchen supplemented by a large open summer fireplace outside, used for cooking and laundry.

So imagine the effect of receiving six stunning orchid plants all at once. Two brilliant green miniature phalaenopsis orchids, two lavender miniature phalaenopsis orchids and two dazzling white miniature phalaenopsis orchids are surrounded by white river rocks and delivered in a unique crème ceramic pedestal planter.

These are just some of the lovely qualities attached to the exquisite orchid.

Pegged rafters, re- stored six panes over nine windows and an early mantel are 18th-century details.

The 20th-century architect, Brognard Okie, added a new section to the house in the 1930’s.

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