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The economy might turn around the next day, which would mean the contraction was just a temporary decrease in activity along a mostly upward track.Economists don't know if the economy is in recession until they can gather data over an extended period of time -- typically six months or more. Different people consider different factors when making the assessment.An overall decrease in the value of goods and services indicates that demand has decreased in most markets.

The NBER admits that most recessions it identifies consist of two or more quarters of contracting GDP but are not necessarily limited to that definition.It has been a quarter of a century since India commenced the journey of opening its economy to the world.But the idea of a business cycle dating committee (BCDC) for India has not received sufficient attention.The point where the recession begins is known as a peak, and the point where it ends as known as a trough.Following the trough, the economy expands again toward another peak.

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