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Jasmine says she and Shifty had reunited, and she fully intends to go back to the hospital.Crazy Town burst onto the rock scene in 1999 with their smash hit "Butterfly," but it seems like that wasn't frontman Shifty Shellshock's first foray into show business.“In six years of our son being alive he hasn’t contributed one dollar.It feels like all he cares about in life is trying to get another hit record.Jasmine, who lives in London with their young son Phoenix, admits she feels she’s been forced to speak out after Seth didn’t cough up for the cash he owes.She told The Sun Online: “I have no idea how he lives with himself, it’s despicable.Jasmine also claims Seth has not paid her any of the backdated child maintenance amounts.

I’ve given up all hope of him changing his ways and becoming the good father I once thought he could be.“I’ve given him every chance but he doesn’t change and it’s the same old story and excuses every time.“He was asked to pay £500 a month but he said he was in debt with dental fees because he needed to have a ‘Hollywood smile’ because he was a musician and in the public eye.JASMINE Lennard has slammed her ex-lover and father of her six-year-old son Seth Binzer.The Celebrity Big Brother star told The Sun Online the Crazy Town singer hasn’t paid a penny in child maintenance fees – despite a court order in the US asking him to contribute.

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