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Bear hunters are urged to exercise greater caution if they plan to train hounds or hunt bear with hounds near any caution area, especially if near an actual kill site.Table 1 contains a summary of the 2018 dog depredations by wolves.The sites are usually forest openings or edge areas, with lots of wolf tracks, droppings and matted vegetation.Move two or three miles from any rendezvous site, if possible, before releasing dogs.As with other wild canids, wolves are very territorial and will guard their territories from other wolves, coyotes and domestic dogs.Wolves are probably most aggressive toward strange wolves and dogs at den and rendezvous sites when their pups are small, and when protecting a fresh kill.

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Dogs have also been depredated pursuing other wildlife including fox, coyotes, bobcat, rabbit, snowshoe hare and upland birds.

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The DNR establishes wolf caution areas where conflicts have occurred.

Caution areas can be viewed through the wolf depredation application.

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