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What have you enjoyed about working with Adam Sevani?GUZMAN: Adam is an interesting kid, that’s for sure. I remember the very first scene we acted with each other, we were right next door to a middle school. They gave us a 15-minute vocal lesson, and then we were told, “All right, you’re okay. Go sing in the booth.” And I had never sung before!” It’s funny to see that his character, Moose, has such a huge affect on people. Jem and the Holograms has no dancing for me, but I’m showing you a new side of me by singing. She was like, “That used to be one of my favorite cartoons, and my sister loves that.” With her reaction, I was like, “Wow, this must be big! Everybody is finding their way, and finding out who they want to become and how they want to become that. Her character is a relatable mom who is trying to find herself after all of these adversities that she’s gone through in life.I know who Jem is and I had the Jem dolls, when I was a kid, but did you have any idea who the characters were, before doing the film? If they do a sequel, maybe I’ll throw on a purple wig, or have to grow my hair out and die it purple. Just think, if Jem gets a sequel, you’ll be a part of both a dancing franchise and a singing franchise, when you were neither a dancer nor a singer. My character is just a lusting, love-filled, obsessed kid who sees this person that he lives next door to, and just becomes infatuated.Sean is really about the competition and winning, and Andie is really about the importance of family, which creates an interesting dynamic. He turns his back on everybody who he thought turned their back on him, so all he has in front of him is his work, and that’s what his focus is on.I can definitely relate to the work aspect of that.It’s just me and Briana, and we’re doing a throwback groove. In the choreography, there are a lot of dances that are late ‘80s/early ‘90s that everyone will recognize from doing them at a wedding or a celebration, of some sort. It wasn’t hard or anything, but it was just about having fun.

Seeing amazing street dancing is visually stunning in 3D. Sevani) splashing his moves on the water flooded stage. Amy Anderson and Emily Meyer's screenplay barely eclipses perfunctory.

Can you attest to the fact that the dancing is all real? I am usually proud that I do my own stunts, but there’s a move towards the end of the film, between me and Briana, that I couldn’t do.

There was no rehearsal time, and there was not enough time to actually go over that move.

So, we hired people from Europe to come in and do that certain move, and they made it look amazing. I actually tore my left tendon in my knee, doing my own stunts.

I had to fight through it and keep on dancing on it, just because I wanted to do as much as I could for the movie.

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